J S Kingfisher


JSK For Hire


J S Kingfisher is available for hire as a composer, arranger, producer, instrumentalist, and vocalist for your film, theatrical production, record, or event. Read on for details.




Jeff has extensive experience composing and arranging for groups of all sizes, from solo piano to full orchestra, and has produced musical works for film and stage as well as on CD. He works regularly from his studio in Bel Air, and throughout the Los Angeles area. 




Jeff is available for hire as an instrumentalist and vocalist for both studio work and live performance. His compositional playing style brings integrity and nuance to the project at hand, and his distinctive, very blendable voice works well for backing vocals and textures, as well as leads.


Jeff’s main axe is the acoustic piano, but over the years he has acquired an assortment of exotic instruments that can add compelling colors to your project. Chief among them is the harpejji, a 24-string pianistic cousin of the Chapman Stick. The unique layout of the frets on the harpejji lend themselves to slides and voicings that stretch across several octaves, giving the instrument a sound all its own (here it here.) Jeff also plays a full chromatic set of quartz crystal bowls, a Haken Continuum, and a mean melodica.




Jeff works most frequently from his studio in Bel Air, Goddess of Mercy. It’s an ideal spot for songwriter collaboration and small sessions of all sorts, including piano/vocal sessions – there’s a very sweet Schimmel 5’10” piano there, and a separate 8’x8’ booth for singers or a solo instrument or two. Jeff works mainly in Logic, Cubase, and Digital Performer, and has a nice array of mics and mic pres available.