J S Kingfisher


Music by Style


For the benefit of those looking to license music for film, television, or theater, following is a list of Kingfisher's music categorized by style, with notes on feel and instrumentation. With the exception of two tracks (Everyone’s Gone to the Moon, The Man in the Moon), all listed tracks are “one-stops”: masters and publishing are both owned by J S Kingfisher, making licensing a fairly simple process. Instrumental versions and custom edits are available. Interested parties, please contact JSK and links for download will be provided.




Tellurian Passage: Otherworldly, intense; Piano/vocal, bass and alto flutes, stacked vocal harmonies, bells and bowls

Changeling: Ethereal, then emotive and quiet: Female vocal/piano, acoustic guitar, cello
The Stranger: Stark and mysterious; Piano/vocal, harpejji

Moon in the Mirror: Mojave imagery, stark, hopeful; Piano/vocal, cello

Cave: Instrumental; Reflective piano, atmospherics; thematic, emotional cello at 1:25

Everyone's Gone to the Moon: Cover; Exposed, sincere vocal; Piano/vocal, reed organ, cello


Atmospheric Jazzy Pop


 From the Moon: Cool urban groove; R&B style female vocal; Upright bass, muted trumpet, vibes

At Night I Fly to Heaven (sometimes France): Dreamy, sensual, very French; Harp, bongos, vibes, cello, clarinet, strings

Sister Falling: Dreamlike, then exotic, then whispered Latin in a cathedral; Acoustic guitar/vocal, cello, percussion

Nosferatu: Cool, vampiric, builds to hot ending with horns; Acoustic guitar; electronic and Latin percussion; piano and sax solos; live horn section

North: Thoughtful, gentle, mysterious; Rich baritone vocal; Dreamy synths, hypnotic percussion, vibes, live french horns

Harvest Fires: Hypnotic grooving verse; tender acoustic chorus; trippy, swirling bridge. Ethnic flute, muted trumpet.

The Weave: Instrumental intro, vocal in at 1:20; bent bridge w/scat, 2:40. Vibes, Violin, upright bass, female backing vocals.


Airy and Acoustic


Night Bird: Impressionistic, jazz-ish; Live harp, flutes, vibes 

Harvest Moon: Mellow finger-style, slow build to rich finish; Harpejji/vocal, pedal steel, piano, melodica, stacked vocal harmonies

Always Coming Home: Singer/songwriter finger-style ballad; Acoustic guitar, cello, oboe



 Blue Earth: Relaxed, ragtime-ish, Django-esque; Instrumental till bluesy vocals at 2:40; Acoustic guitar, piano, melodica
The Man in the Moon: Cover; Whimsical, gender-bending cabaret waltz; Piano/vocal, melodica, glockenspiel




 A Forest of Apples: Instrumental; Thoughtful, Satie-like; Harp, flute, cello, vibes, vocal textures

Sabbatum Sanctum: Poetic Easter Meditation; Indian Influences; Piano/vocal, bansuri flute, oboe, tabla

Turtle Diary: Instrumental; Poignant and tender; Piano, acoustic guitar, cello, vocal and synth textures

Kelly's Dream in the Rain: Instrumental; Hypnotic, modern, 5/4; Piano, flutes, pedal steel, udu drums, textures

Home: Instrumental; Dreamy, otherworldly; Piano, cello, textures, soprano vocals




Peron Rastanka: Serbian; Flamenco influences; Acoustic guitar and bass, piano, melodica

Čekaću Te: Serbian; American/Slavic folk ballad; Acoustic guitar, cello, melodica, bells




 Do I Love Well?: Arresting, sincere ballad; Piano/vocal, upright bass, brushes

Dancing on the Moon: Instrumental; Jiggy, Brubeck-ish; Alto sax, trumpet, harpejji, drums, upright bass, vocal scat

Beloved: Latin-ish, retro/modern; Jacob Collier vocal harmonies; Piano, strings, bass marimba

Flying Machines: Latin-ish, retro/modern, Jarreau-like; LaVance Colley vocal harmonies; Pizz strings, horn section, vocal scat

Sous la Belle Lune Bleue: Mellow, retro/modern jazz waltz; Acoustic guitar, piano, upright bass, brushes, flute, piccolo, vocal harmonies

The Rhythm Line: Groovin', retro/modern swing; Cool breakdown, big hot ending; Horn section and solos, organ, piano, upright bass, drums

To the Earth: Instrumental; expansive, 12/8; Horn section, harpejji, vocal scat, organ, piano, upright bass, drums