Always Coming Home

from "Vesica Piscis"


The rising moon calls the lonesome tide
and wild geese cross the summer sky,
The forest floor lies waiting
for the falling leaves,
and me, at the long day's end
will find my friend -
I'm coming home

To tender hearts the world is blind,
and to gentle men can be unkind,
But the evening star is shining
for the nightingale,
and whales swim to warmer seas,
so come lay by me -
You're coming home

Fall found the rain,
Love wound its way,
Rose from the earth below
and filled my heart with bloom

A sweet wind blows in a swirling night,
whose darkest heart is an endless light
that's calling us by blood and dust
and timeless soul to grow -
though we come and go
like gentle snow, we're coming home,
Always coming home


Composed, Arranged, and Produced by J S Kingfisher. Guitars: Tony Blondal; Cello: Martin Tillman; Oboe: Scott Yoakum; Keyboards/Vocals: J S Kingfisher. Sound Design and Engineering: Greg Townleysecond engineers, Bill Kingsley and Barry Goldberg. Mixed from 32 tracks of digital and 24 tracks of analog to 2 track analog with Dolby SR; recorded at Mad Hatter Studios and Hoofhaven, mixed at Conway. Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab.


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