Bird Dreams

from "Vesica Piscis"


In our white house by the sea
Blueboy is playing with me,
squawking and sharing my tea
in a dream

Behind the musty straw bales
and feed sacks and rabbits for sale
I found him silent and frail
in a cage

Softly I play in the still heat of day
while he's sleeping
Sweetly he sings, head tucked
in his wing as he dreams
Through numinous vaults of air he flies
beneath tapestries of branches
and leaves and light

If I'm persuasive and calm
Blueboy will sit on my finger,
but he won't stay very long to play

Mornings when I go to work
he sings while I iron my shirt,
so cheerful and tame
but mindful the same of the windows

Softly I play as the day turns
to late afternoon
Doves swirl in flight in sight
of the rising moon
Through numinous vaults of air we fly
beneath canopies of stars
in the black, wild sky


Composed, arranged, and produced

by J S Kingfisher. Guitars:Tony Blondal;

Drums: Fritz Lewak; Bass: David Sutton;

EWI: Steve Tavaglione; Backing Vocals: Pam Neal; Keyboards, Lead Vocals, and Bowls: J S Kingfisher. Sound Design and Engineering: Greg Townleysecond engineers, Bill Kingsley and Barry Goldberg. Mixed from 32 tracks of digital and 24 tracks of analog to 2 track analog with Dolby SR; recorded at Conway Studios and Hoofhaven, mixed at Conway. Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab.



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