from "Vesica Piscis"


the desert gash
loam and spit
turning ever under
under rock, the gash
but deeper
darker, bluer
the vein
like webs on wind
droplets like bells
and warm
invisible height


I know (knew) a boy
buried the wheels of my car
blur by his where his
head was often but it's hotter
now, like his bare feet
running from the store
to the car, hotter
his bare feet
in dandelions grazing
over bees in a run


i am a cistern dry as a pit


but like needles I
scratch the reeling film
of this place I was,
in secret cameraderie
we wet our toes, like
Lazarus we know but don't


and watch for moving rocks


Composed, arranged, and produced by J S Kingfisher. Cello: Martin Tillman. Keyboards: J S Kingfisher. Sound Design: Greg Townley. Recorded and Mad Hatter and Conway Studios; engineered and mixed by Greg Townley at Conway. Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab. Artwork: "Painting Study: Lazarus" by C J Tanedo.

Copyright J S Kingfisher, 2013. All rights reserved.



For Little Randy - always in my heart.

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