Las Californias


William Wendt (1865-1946). To Mountain Heights and Beyond, 1920.

Essentially a collection of musical impressions of states both inner and outer, J S Kingfisher’s Las Californias varies widely in mood but functions generally as ambient. Several of the pieces are well underway: Clouds’ Journey, Yerba Buena, Montaña de Amor, Abuela Viento, Blossoming of Hope, Soledad, San Benito, Oasis, Riparia, Black Butte… J S Kingfisher is featured on keyboards, harpejji, Haken Continuum, and vocals, and there are several guest appearances. Below are sneak previews of a few works in progress. More previews forthcoming; the entire project is slated for release in the fall of 2019.

Preview: Shasta Calling
Featuring Austyn James on bass and vocals

Preview: Quincy 
Featuring the harpejji and Haken Continuum

Preview: Salton Sea Moon 
Includes "La Luna Asoma," a Federico García Lorca poem set to music by Kingfisher

Preview: Pupfish
Featuring the Haken Continuum

Preview: Abuela Viento
featuring the harpejji and the Haken Continuum






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