Is it my visit with the dead last night,
or 15 years of a husband’s love,
so constant and steady?
Is it all those years of searching for truth,
or the loyalty of friends in a time of crisis?
Or the arms of my mother and father,
always ready to embrace?
Or is it all these things interwoven,
intersecting and conspiring
toward this brilliant day

I’m not afraid anymore.
Not afraid of failure,
or of being unworthy of what I’ve been given,
or to feel what I feel,
or share what I find.
Not afraid of dying –
or to be in love with life.

My heart, cracked like a melon,

shining and sweet and open to the world 


Copyright J S Kingfisher, 2013. All rights reserved. 


Composed, arranged, performed, and engineered by J S Kingfisher. Recorded and mixed at Hoofhaven.


 For Lee, with thanks



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