Turtle Diary

from "Vesica Piscis"


They float in seeming silence
We see glass and dream the rest
So the film opens, and how many,
ten, eleven years ago we sat
in the cold, dark air watching
the screen, hands touching
and dreaming the rest


We lived 400 miles apart.
but something was kept,
A rosebud in a cooler,
through the glass


Three years ago at Christmas
you had gone to Peru,
Gone grey and robust
and more blue-eyed than ever.
I reached into your sleeping bag
and felt your warm skin, said
"let's have an affair," in the driveway
while you packed your car
In the summer you sent me
a card from Ishpeming


In the end the lovers
drive the turtles to the sea.
They swim through the ethers
and become unseen


In memory of Paul Denn.


Composed, arranged, and produced by J S Kingfisher. Guitar: Tony Blondal. Cello: Martin Tillman. Piano, vocals, keyboards: J S Kingfisher. Sound Design: Greg Townley. Recorded at Mad Hatter and Conway Studios by Greg Townley; mixed by Greg Townley at Conway.  Mastered by Doug Sax at The Mastering Lab. Copyright © 2013 J S Kingfisher. All rights reserved.



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